The Dragon Building was designed in response to an open competition for The Korean American Museum of Art and Cultural Center, to be built in Los Angeles on a property bound by Olympic Boulevard, Irolo Street and Mariposa Avenue.

To me, the most powerful human forces are of culture; art, music and dance, wisdom, beauty...

For the Korean Museum of Modern Art open competition I used the dragon form as a symbol of the powerful mystery of life.

The program was matched anthropomorphically and metaphorically; The body of the dragon and north facing scales housed the main work; art galleries and studios.

The belly houses a large theater. The tail wrapping around a courtyard contained artist housing. In the courtyard is a pond and a small stream.

The front left paw houses a theater, the right front paw contains a gift shop.

The left rear paw contains processing for the art, the right rear paw holds the dining hall.

The head of the facility is housed in the head of the dragon, the neck contains administration.

Front View, Olympic Boulevard elevation of the Dragon Building

Right side view, Irolo Street elevation of the Dragon Building

Rear exterior aerial view of the Dragon Building. The scales form roofs over the galleries, the paws contain specified functions, the head faces Olympic Boulevard.

View of the courtyard formed by the tail wrapping around an interior, outdoor space. A small stream feeds a circular pond, returning by a second stream to its source.

View of the gallery spaces with north facing fenestration. Spacing of mullions used Fibonacci sequence.